Gratitude for Happiness

I have an awesome life, and even so I have been a bit mopey of late.
A little bit of self reflection has led me to the realisation that I am ungrateful. And being ungrateful is a direct path to feeling a lack of happiness and a lack of joy in life. No wonder why I have been going through bouts of depression for years… it is because I have been taking the great things in my life for granted.

Anyways, today I decided I need to start a regular gratitude practice, similar to that I used to do when I was a practising Christian.

How it will work is this, every day for a no determinate period of time I will deliberately think about the great things I have in my life, like my wife, my child, mum, dad, brother, sister, friends, extended family, pets, a great home etc I will thank the infinite source of all (God) for all of it!

The infinite source of all didn’t have to bestow me with all of the great aspects of my life… But it did. And for this I should be massively thankful!

Anyways, that is my thought for the day.


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